Why Buy New Zealand Lamb?

by eversfield

Why buy New Zealand lamb when the very best ´New Season´ organic British lamb is available from Devon!

New Zealand lamb is famous for its taste and quality and has long been a favourite of British consumers. However, buying lamb which has to be frozen and flown half way around the world has to take second place to British organic lamb – naturally reared and freshly prepared to order.

Few could argue against buying British farm produce which is also better for the environment and better for the economy than foreign imports. New Season lamb is often sold in March for the Easter traditional roast, however this is only possible if farmers ´force´ ewes into an early breeding cycle so that lambs are born in winter and weaned in the spring.

At Eversfield we work with nature and breed from our ewes at the end of year, lambs are born in March producing new season lamb from the summer onwards.

Eversfield twin lambs with their Ewe

Eversfield twin lambs with their Ewe

Eversfield Lambs are bred naturally from our Romney Marsh ewes – the same breed favoured by New Zealand farmers.
Our ewes breed at the natural time of year in late summer and our lambs are born in March & April, so after 4 months of natural growth on their mother´s milk they´re weaned and ready at 4 months old from July onwards.
Once weaned, our young lambs are grouped and given large open meadows to graze in.
They forage naturally in our meadows, seeking out herbs and wildflowers to meet the needs and in winter are given hay and any organic supplements necessary to ensure they continue to receive any additional nutrients they can’t derive from winter grazing.
Quality Lamb all Year Round

Eversfield Organic can offer quality lamb all year round. The most tender new season lamb is available from July to September. Through the winter our lambs are over 6 months old and the meat develops a more mature texture and flavour but still delicious. Older lamb is perfect for slow roasting or braising, and more consumers are requesting a return to Mutton or ‘Hogget’ – which comes from lambs between 12 and 24 months old. We often have older lamb available so if it’s Hogget you’re interested in, we can probably prepare it for you.


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